Lanyards in Schools

Lanyards can make any school safer. As a parent, it is very important to me, that my children’s school is doing everything it can to ensure their safety. One of the things that it has recently done is to bring in lanyards. These useful cords are being used in a number of different ways.

One of the first things that was done was to have the lanyards designed using the school colors. Each child was given one of these cords to wear and was told to use it to carry their student ID cards. The school went so far as to state that children would not be allowed on the premises without this new addition. And, while they were a bit forgiving for the first week, this system is now strictly upheld.

To make certain that they children were not at risk due to the cords, the school made certain to order lanyards which had the safety breakaway feature. This special addition is designed to “pop” open if the cord is placed under any kind of strain. This means that if the cord is either accidentally caught or is deliberately tugged it will open. This ensures that no child will get a rope burn or suffer any kind of throat injury.


The school even went a step further. They have started asking that all visitors to the building pick a special cord at the office. Each person has to sign in and then is asked to wear their visitor cord the entire time that they are on the grounds. This system applies to parents, workmen and special guests.

The school is also using these handy cords at special evening events. When the school is having an open house everyone has to wear an identifying cord. These lanyards are affixed with clips that hold special cards. The cards denote each person’s reason for being at the event. For instance, the parents and grandparents are given guest cards whereas volunteers are given a different one.


Our school is also using cords for all teams and groups. Anytime a group of our children leaves the school for any reason i.e. a tournament or performance they are given special cords to wear. These lanyards make it far easier for the group to get in and out of any building. They make it simple for security personal to determine which children and volunteers are part of our group. It also makes it easier for the children and volunteers to recognize each other. Not everybody will recognize each other on sight.

These handy items have definitely improved the security within our school. You can read more about school lanyards and security here.

Other Lanyard Advantages

They can be worn by everyone. The age, sex and size of the wearer does not matter.

They can be washed if they do get dirty.

They can be reused by anyone. For instance the office guest lanyards can be used over and over again.

They will not damage clothing. The cords can be worn over prom dresses or leather jackets.

The cords can be worn inside and out. The children can have them on inside the school during class and outside at recess time.

These procedures can be used at any level of learning. They can be used by elementary schools or universities.